Sacha Lodge

When an Amazon native first revealed to Arnold “Benny” Ammeter the exotic vegetation surrounding Lake Pilchicocha back in 1989, the Swiss businessman knew he’d come upon a place that was truly magical. Today, a quarter of a century later, the magic of that jungle sanctuary remains as potent as ever, as the lodge, boardwalk, and towers that Benny built continue to enchant visitors from the world over.

Located some two hours by canoe from the town of Puerto Francisco de Orellana, in the Amazon region of Ecuador known as El Oriente, Sacha Lodge is situated on a 5,000-acre private reserve that swarms with colorful wildlife. Here you’ll find kingfishers, herons, and caimans along the nearby Napo River, while the forest canopy rustles with marmosets and agoutis darting through the leaves. Enjoy watching these species from your cabin’s private balcony, or get to know them up close during one of the lodge’s rainforest excursions.

Sacha Lodge is also committed to sustainable ecotourism. The hotel is the biggest tourist-sector employer for natives in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and its efforts to fight deforestation help to ensure that Benny Ammeter’s dream will be a reality for a long time to come.


  • All cabins constructed with native materials
  • High thatched roofs and private terraces in all cabins
  • Choose from single, double, or triple rooms
  • Private baths with hot shower in all rooms
  • Insect screens and ceiling fans
  • Electricity available 24 hours


  • Restaurant with three different buffets, including vegetarian options
  • Bar and lounge
  • Outdoor barbecue area
  • Laundry service available
  • Cell phone and radio communications available at all times
  • First-aid and local medical center
  • Purified drinking water and ice

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