Petrel, Galapagos Cruise Ship


As part of the newest fleet of catamarans in the Galapagos, the 115-foot Petrel offers up-to-the-minute technology and style. Built in 2015, this motorized vessel is like its avian namesake: sleek, swift, and elegant.

The Petrel is designed to maximize its guests’ comfort and safety. Accommodating 16 passengers in nine cabins, it offers spacious living quarters, stunning deck areas for observation and entertainment, and an 11-man crew that teaches snorkeling and kayaking—as well as a naturalist’s appreciation of the islands’ marvelous wildlife.


When you travel on the Petrel, you’ll choose between single and double staterooms, as well as two expansive suites for more luxurious living. Each cabin features one queen or two twin beds, private bath with hot and cold water, and individual climate control for your comfort.

When it comes time to do wildlife spotting, you can gaze out the panoramic picture windows at the exotic species of this magical place, or step onto your private balcony for a closer look.

Common Areas

The catamaran boasts numerous public areas designed to facilitate relaxation and socializing among its guests. The cozy dining room allows for intimate evenings over delicious international cuisine, while the rows of lounge chairs on the sun deck allow you to rest after an exciting excursion on shore.

The Petrel offers other amenities as well. A fitness room and Jacuzzi promote wellness and relaxation, while the on-board library allows you to learn about the Galapagos’ fascinating ecosystem. And in the evening, when you want to celebrate, you can do so in style in the vessel’s spacious lounge. A first-rate setting for a once-in-a-lifetime excursion.

Petrel Photos

Petrel Cruises

Petrel Deck Plan

Petrel Deck Plan

Ship Info

TypeLuxury Catamaran
Length115 feet
Crew10 Crew Members + 1 Guide
Year Built2015
Beam41 feet
Draft5.4 feet
Cruising Speed10 Knots

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