Galapagos Legend

  • Exterior View

    Galapagos Legend | Exterior View
  • Standard Plus Cabin

    Galapagos Legend | Standard Plus Cabin
  • Junior Suite

    Galapagos Legend | Junior Suite
  • Junior Suite Triple

    Galapagos Legend | Junior Suite Triple
  • Legend Suite

    Galapagos Legend | Legend Suite
  • Balcony Suite

    Galapagos Legend | Balcony Suite
  • Balcony Suite Plus

    Galapagos Legend | Balcony Suite Plus
  • Dining Room

    Galapagos Legend | Dining Room
  • BBQ Dinner

    Galapagos Legend | BBQ Dinner
  • Al Fresco Dining

    Galapagos Legend | Al Fresco Dining
  • Auditorium

    Galapagos Legend | Auditorium
  • Sun Terrace and Pool

    Galapagos Legend | Sun Terrace and Pool
  • Jacuzzi

    Galapagos Legend | Jacuzzi
  • Excursion

    Galapagos Legend | Excursion
  • Snorkeling with Sea Lion

    Galapagos Legend | Snorkeling With Sea Lion
  • Crew

    Galapagos Legend | Crew

Class: First Class

Passengers: 100

Activities: Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking, & SCUBA Diving

300 feet, four open decks, 100 passengers: the Galapagos Legend is a vessel big enough to create a vibrant social atmosphere, while remaining intimate enough to ensure personalized attention. With its airy, open spaces, you can relax in the pool, enjoy an outdoor barbecue, or soak up the sun’s rays as you sail past the Galapagos’ stunning flora and fauna.

When you travel on the Galapagos Legend, you’ll get to know its attentive, multicultural staff. From the cooks to the full-time medic to the expert naturalist tour guides, they’re trained to ensure that your adventure is exciting as well as educational. Combine that with the ship’s full range of amenities, such as the conference room and piano lounge, and you have a floating base for all your forays into Earth’s most wondrous biosphere.


The Galapagos Legend offers six rooming options: Balcony Suite Plus, Balcony Suite, Legend Suite, Junior Suite, Standard Plus Cabin, and Standard Cabin. All feature air conditioning, full carpeting, private baths, ample wardrobes, and safe-deposit boxes, while the ocean views from the picture windows in the suites will inspire you with sweeping panoramas of the islands. In addition, the Balcony suites give you a glass sliding door that opens out onto your own private terrace.

Common Areas

The Galapagos Legend is designed to foster a sense of community, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in its abundant common areas. Here you can sip a cappuccino with friends at the 24-hour coffee bar, catch some rays on the sun deck, or listen to a talk on the famous Galapagos tortoises in the conference hall.

The Galapagos Legend also offers elegant evening entertainments. After a gourmet dinner in the glass-enclosed dining room, you can enjoy cocktails in the bar or listen to jazz in the piano lounge. And if you get a touch of homesickness, your loved ones are just a phone call away in the ship’s long-distance call facility. The ship’s crew has thought of seemingly everything, so you can relax and surrender to the islands’ seductive charms.

Itinerary Maps


Galapagos Legend A Itinerary

Itinerary “A” – Northern
4 D/3 N (Mon-Thu)

Galapagos Legend B Itinerary

Itinerary “B” – Western
5 D/4 N (Thu-Mon)

Galapagos Legend C Itinerary

Itinerary “C” – Eastern
4 D/3 N (Mon-Thu)

Galapagos Legend D Itinerary

Itinerary “D” – Southern
5 D/4 N (Thu-Mon)

Deck Plan and Technical Specifications


Galapagos Legend - Deck Plan
Galapagos Legend - Technical Specifications

Tours Featuring the Galapagos Legend


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