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For 500 years, South America has been synonymous with wonder. Starting with the Spanish conquistadores, who journeyed there looking for gold and the marvels of an earthly paradise, this mysterious continent has exercised a magnetic attraction upon all who visit it. Today, none of this wonder has dissipated, as tourists from all over the world flock to visit the great archaeological ruins and breathtaking natural scenery of this still largely unexplored terrain. From the soaring heights of the Andes to the lush rainforest of the Amazon, from the Inca mountain retreats of Machu Picchu to the legendary gauchos of Argentina’s pampas, the “other America” invariably amazes and delights all who visit it. Discover why with one of our South America Tours & Travel Packages.

South America Tours & Travel

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Corcovado and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls

8 Days/6 Nights from $1,439

Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls, our Featured Brazil Tour, is a great way to experience two of the most interesting destinations of the country…

Osorno Volcano, Lake District, Chile

Santiago and the Chilean Lake District

7 Days/5 Nights from $1,509

The Chilean Lake District offers a landscape of snow capped volcanoes, emerald and blue colored lakes, and ancient forests. This tour begins with two days…

Machu Picchu, Peru

Classic Machu Picchu

8 Days/7 Nights from $1,519

Classic Machu Picchu, our Featured Peru Tour, is a great way to experience the most interesting destinations of the country. It includes Lima, Cusco, the…

Moon Valley, Atacama, Chile

Santiago and Atacama

7 Days/5 Nights from $1,539

This tour combines Santiago with San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama Desert. Santiago is one of South America’s most modern cities, with excellent restaurants…

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls

7 Days/5 Nights from $1,619

Discover the cosmopolitan capital city of Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls on this captivating Argentina tour. Buenos Aires offers several unique neighborhoods, including San Telmo,…

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