Easter Island

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Silent and mysterious, like blind sentinels presiding over an eternal landscape, the moai of Easter Island were considered by the Rapa Nui to be magical, exerting their mana (occult power) over all who saw them. When you visit these uncanny statues today, you’ll feel that ancient magic, in artworks that are among the most iconic on Earth.

Easter Island is located 2,300 miles from mainland Chile, on a patch of land covering just 60 square miles. There, remote from all civilization, you’ll discover rows of carved heads and standing bodies, as well as half -finished statues sunk in the granite hillsides. Portraits of heroic ancestors? Or idols to the gods themselves? The great moai only preserve their enigmatic silence.

The island is much more than mere stonework. When you tour its lush subtropical landscapes, you’ll discover horseback riding, scuba diving, and over 20,000 archaeological sites that dazzle with their unearthly beauty. Volcanic craters look directly out on the Pacific, while sugar-white beaches beckon with swaying palm fronds.

Chile’s most exotic locale also boasts a well-developed tourist infrastructure. With accommodations ranging from cozy bungalows to luxury spas, you’ll never be far from the Pacific’s blue waters. Add to that the abundance of fresh seafood, and the deep native traditions of hospitality, and you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of one of the planet’s most isolated places.

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