Altiplanico Easter Island Hotel

The Altiplanico Easter Island Hotel is one of Easter Island’s most distinctive hotels. Designed to resemble a traditional Rapa Nui boathouse, with a panoramic view of the shoreline, the hotel reflects the deep Pacific heritage of its surroundings, with 16 bungalows arranged in three semicircles connected by trails, and archaeological remains integrated into the grounds to capture a sense of the island’s prehistoric past.

The Altiplanico is located some four kilometers from downtown Hanga Roa, on a 1.5-hectare plot that includes a host of amenities. A swimming pool, private terraces, showers that open onto the warm tropical landscape: when you stay here, you’ll feel a deep bond with the majestic, silent Moais that dot the island, as well as a sense of peace and relaxation far from civilization’s troubles.


  • 16 individual bungalows
  • Single, double, and triple rooms available
  • Fan in every room
  • Digital safe for storing valuables
  • Private baths opening to the outdoors
  • Private terrace in every room


  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Gourmet restaurant and bar
  • Laundry service
  • Wi-fi in lobby, bar, and lounge
  • Outdoor tropical garden

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