Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

Located just steps from the center of the town of Hangaroa, and built from natural local materials such as cypress trunks, clay, and volcanic rock, the Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa is inspired by the ancient village of Orongo, whose remains still lie atop the Rano Kau volcano. With its sweeping curves and stone patios, the hotel’s exterior is as striking as its interior is luxurious.

The Hangaroa isn’t just a lodging, but a total therapeutic experience, with a full spa allowing you to renew your body and spirit with traditional local products. Massages, volcanic rocks, facials: when you visit, you’ll immerse yourself in the rejuvenating magic of one of Earth’s remotest cultures.


  • Choose from traditional rooms or suites
  • Private terraces overlooking the ocean in every room
  • Full bath with tub and shower
  • Wi-fi in every room
  • Mini-bar
  • Digital safe for storing valuables


  • Full spa with local therapeutic products
  • Huge outdoor pool
  • Two gourmet restaurants and poolside bar
  • Communal meeting places
  • On-site park with flowers and native trees

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