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Atacama Salt Lake, Chile

Explora Atacama

7 Days/5 Nights from $3,149

Explora Atacama is located in the neighborhood of Larache in San Pedro de Atacama, an oasis town in the middle of the driest desert in…

California Red-Sided Garden Snake, Amazon, Peru

4 Day Zafiro Amazon Cruise

4 Days/3 Nights from $3,535

Discover the biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon on this 4 day cruise aboard the Zafiro. Departing from Iquitos and then Nauta, you will explore the…

Ahu Tahai, Easter Island

Explora Easter Island

8 Days/6 Nights from $3,589

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is one of the most isolated places on Earth. At Explora Easter Island, you can…

Giant River Otter, Amazon, Peru

4 Day Aria Amazon Cruise

4 Days/3 Nights from $3,615

Departing from Iquitos, Peru’s largest jungle city, you will enjoy a four day cruise along the Amazon and Marañon Rivers aboard the luxurious Aria Amazon…

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