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Colombia has undergone a Renaissance. Thirty years ago, the Andean nation was off-limits for most travelers. No more. Today it’s a vacation hotspot, with a flourishing economy, a stable political system, and vibrant cities featuring ultra-modern museums and some of the hottest nightlife south of the Equator. Whether it be the trendy cultural scene of Bogotá or the colonial fortress at Cartagena, the rich coffee fields of the Zona Cafetera or the tropical warmth of Cali, in Colombia you’ll find yourself in a world where the magical realism of writers like Gabriel García Márquez suddenly seems possible. Our Colombia Tours & Travel Packages will guide you through this land of marvels.

Top Places to Visit in Colombia

Colombia Travel Guide

Getting To Know Beans About Coffee At Colombia’s Hacienda Venecia

“You don’t drink much coffee? Well, don’t worry: that means you’re like a true Colombian.” Juan Pablo Echeverri pats me reassuringly on the shoulder as he says this. The manager…

Ten Happiness-Inducing Activities in Bogotá, Colombia’s Festive Capital de Rumba

Drinking games involving (exploding) gunpowder…vibrant canvases of lovers dancing cheek to chubby cheek…scintillating rafts of pre-Hispanic gold…all-night accordion blowouts…

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