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Ecuador means “equator,” and no visit to this Latin American jewel is complete without a visit to Mitad del Mundo, the famous point near Quito dividing the two hemispheres.  But the glories of Ecuador go far beyond your GPS.  Native Indian markets, a corridor of active volcanoes, Amazonian rainforests, the oldest Spanish colonial churches in the Americas, wildlife preserves on the Galapagos Islands, as well as the vibrant coastal culture of Guayaquil, the country’s main port: all of this combines to make this small Andean nation one of South America’s—no, the world’s—most beautiful places.  Experience it by land or sea with one of our Ecuador Tours & Travel Packages.

“Everything was great. Ecuador as a country was beautiful and all your tour guides were excellent.”

Alka Patel

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Best Ecuador Tours for 2017

Tour Name From Duration Description
Quito and 4 Day Galapagos Legend Cruise – Eastern Islands $2,419 7 Days Experience Quito and the Eastern Galapagos Islands on this wondrous tour of Ecuador. In Quito…
Quito and 5 Day Anakonda Cruise $3,429 8 Days Experience the Ecuadorian Amazon on this five day cruise aboard the luxurious Anakonda. Starting in Quito…
Otavalo, Avenue of the Volcanoes, and 5 Day Galapagos Legend Cruise $4,409 13 Days Combining the Highlands of Ecuador with the Galapagos Islands is a great way to experience…
Galapagos, Machu Picchu, and the Amazon $4,449 16 Days Galapagos, Machu Picchu, and the Peruvian Amazon are three of the most popular destinations in…
Luxury Galapagos and the Amazon $6,889 12 Days Embark on this journey to explore the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador’s Amazon Basin. The tour…

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The Ecuadorian Amazon

Ecuador Travel Guide

Old Town Quito: A Walking Tour

Walking in Quito, Ecuador is a truly marvelous experience. Part of it is the visible presence of the past. As one of the two hubs of the Inca empire, and the second major city…

La Ronda: A Stroll Down Quito’s Most Beautiful Street

“Ten years ago nobody dared to buy a house around here. And now look. It’s full of people every night.” Miguel Mafla is gesticulating with his keys as he talks. At 73…

Textiles And Tradition: Otavalo’s Great Market

A line of weaver women works steadily, tugging with their beaters at multicolored tapestries that slowly blossom from their backstrap looms. Hatmakers iron the brims,

Ecuadorian Food: A Boom Waiting To Happen?

It’s Holy Week in Quito, and that means Alberto Alava is looking serious. The dark, mustachioed chef has his cap tilted back, concentrating intently on his work. That work…

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