Hotel Hare Noi

The Hotel Hare Noi is one of the newest, most exclusive hotels on Easter Island. With just nine stone cabins, each with views of the tropical gardens or sunset skies, the complex offers a truly personalized experience, designed to further your contact with the ancient Napa Rui culture.

The Hotel Hare Noi is located in Hanga Roa, not far from the airport. When you visit, you’ll see immediately how the hotel is integrated into the island environment, from its rock solarium and organic garden to its limited ecological footprint. Poised between volcanoes and crystalline waters, the hotel offers glimpses of a remote, pre-civilized world.


  • 9 individual cabins
  • Choose from garden or sunset views
  • Private terrace in every room
  • Soundproofing for peace and quiet
  • Wi-fi connection in living room


  • Full spa with local therapeutic products
  • Wading pool and natural rock solarium
  • Gourmet restaurant and bar
  • Selection of fresh fish caught from local waters
  • Activities to explore the islands and meet the locals
  • Outdoor tropical garden

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