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Sun, sea, sand and sex: If any city in the world is king of this heady combo, it’s Rio de Janeiro. Brazil’s second largest city and home to more than six million people, Rio is a stunningly vibrant city set in an equally spectacular landscape.

Surrounded on one side by emerald green mountains and the other by white-sand beaches and the shimmering sea, there was no hint of exaggeration when someone labeled Rio the “Marvelous City.” World-famous beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana are just part of this enchanting coastline, where beautiful people share the sand with surfers, soccer players and tourists from all corners of the globe.

But Rio isn’t just about micro bikinis and refreshing caipirinhas. The city is bursting with culture, from the sounds of samba and bossa nova to the colors of Carnival; from fine-art museums to the fervent passion of soccer.

Head up to the peak of Corcovado and you might just start to understand this city. From the feet of Christ the Redeemer — Rio’s ever-watching Catholic symbol — you can take in the stunning setting, home to so much life and buoyant hedonism.

And if you think big cities aren’t for you, then Rio might just change your mind. You can rent a bike and spend the day cycling by the city’s beaches and lakes. You can windsurf and surf, go rock climbing or hang gliding. You can even go trekking in a jungle within the city limits. It may seem bizarre, but Tijuca Forest is located within Rio de Janeiro, and is said to be the world’s largest urban forest. With more than 56 miles of trails, Tijuca offers countless treks to numerous locations, many offering beautiful views across the city and out to sea.

Sun, sea, sand and sex? Sure, Rio has them all. But Brazil’s most impressive city also offers much, much more…

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