Manatee Amazon Explorer

Manatee Amazon Explorer, Ecuador Amazon Cruise Ship


When the Manatee Amazon Explorer was redesigned in 2017, its owners pored over every detail to ensure it embodied the ultimate in comfort and sustainability. Now, in its striking new incarnation, this 120-foot vessel is ready to dazzle everyone who comes on board. Its full array of features aims to maximize each passenger’s immersion in the sights and sounds of Ecuador’s exotic rainforest.

The Manatee Amazon Explorer has four decks accommodating up to 30 passengers. Its crew of ten includes an on-board naturalist and four native guides. And when it’s time to go ashore, its fleet of motorized canoes allows for maximum mobility in exploring the river’s remotest inlets. Experience 2018’s first brand-new vessel in Ecuador’s oriente, while enjoying the last word in comfort.


The ship’s suites are both spacious and aesthetically striking. Choose from ten standard suites or four deluxe suites, each of which features floor-to-ceiling windows for panoramic views of the jungle. You can also opt for one king or two twin beds, with your choice of Amazon wildlife designs on the walls.

Each suite comes with a full array of amenities, including private baths with shower massages, hot and cold running water, hair dryers, and 24-hour electricity. There is also individually controlled air-conditioning in each living area, as well as a wardrobe for storing belongings. Best of all, when you want to feel the evening breeze, step out onto your private terrace, and watch the Amazon landscape slide by.

Common Areas

The vessel sports a variety of common areas on its four levels. The first, lower deck contains the lobby and dining room, serving three meals per day of delicious Ecuadorian and international cuisine. The third deck is home to the bar/lounge and conference room, where you’ll hear fascinating wildlife talks from the on-board naturalist guide, while the observation deck sports a Jacuzzi and solarium. And when the weather’s good, you can dine al fresco in a special dining area at the ship’s stern.

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Manatee Amazon Explorer Deck Plan

Manatee Amazon Explorer Deck Plan

Ship Info

TypeRiver Cruise Ship
Length121 feet
Year Built2017
Beam30 feet
Draft5 feet
Cruising Speed12 Knots

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