Coral I & II

Coral I & II, Galapagos Cruise Ships


The Coral I & II are mid-sized yachts that provide an amazingly intimate encounter with Ecuador’s most popular tour destination: the Galapagos. With just 18 and 11 cabins, respectively, they allow you to make new friends and be part of an exclusive group as you visit the islands that Charles Darwin made famous 200 years ago.

The Coral I & II offer boutique cruises with personalized service. With their expert on-board tour guides, delicious cuisine, and friendly staff, you’ll feel like you’re part of a privileged expedition. So come aboard, and retrace Darwin’s steps on a private voyage into these islas encantadas.


The cabins on the Coral I & II are coziness personified. With their soft pastel tones, individual climate control, and large picture windows, they’re a perfect refuge of peace after a long day of exploring and socializing. Each contains your choice of a queen or two or three twin beds, as well as a digital safe and LCD cable TV.

Common Areas

The Coral I & II feature a variety of common areas spread out over four decks. Whether you’re stretched out to enjoy the sunset on the sun-and-shadow area, or grilling up fresh shrimp on the barbecue, you’ll have the opportunity to laugh and chat with a new group of friends as you watch the islands slip by.

The Coral I & II also sport an observatory, a library full of materials on the Galapagos’ wildlife, a bar and lounge, a Jacuzzi, and a gourmet restaurant serving international cuisine. This means that from the moment you step on board, you’ll be surrounded by an environment that immerses you in this equatorial marvel. A unique way to see one of Earth’s most astonishing ecosystems.

Coral I & II Photos

Coral I & II Cruises

Coral I Deck Plan

Coral I Deck Plan

Coral II Deck Plan

Coral II Deck Plan

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