Galapagos Accommodations

Visitors to the Galapagos have two options for seeing this iconic wildlife reserve. They can take a cruise ship that stops at several of the archipelago’s prime destinations, or, alternatively, they can set up camp in one of the main towns and make jaunts to the surrounding islands. Those who choose the latter will find a broad array of lodgings available, from tent-based safari sites to five-star spa resorts. To help you find a stay that’s right for you, our Galapagos travel experts have hand-selected the best accommodations for every itinerary and budget. Snorkeling, bird-watching, trekking, exploring lava caves and volcanic calderas: whatever your activity goals, our guides are here to help with all your Galapagos needs.

Santa Cruz


San Cristóbal

Galapagos Travel Guide

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The Main Galapagos Islands and Visitor Sites

Baltra Island / Bartolomé Island / Chinese Hat Islet / Eden Islet / Española Island / Fernandina Island / Floreana Island / Genovesa Island / Isabela Island / Mosquera Islet / North Seymour Island / Rábida Island / San Cristóbal Island / Santa Cruz Island / Santa Fe Island / Santiago Island / South Plaza Island

Galapagos Wildlife: 15 Iconic Species

American Flamingo / Blue-Footed Booby / Flightless Cormorant / Frigatebirds: Great and Magnificent / Galapagos Fur Seal / Galapagos Giant Tortoise / Galapagos Hawk / Galapagos Penguin / Galapagos Sea Lion / Land Iguana / Marine Iguana / Nazca Booby / Red-Footed Booby / Santa Fe Land Iguana / Waved Albatross

Galapagos Cruise Ships

Galapagos Legend / Santa Cruz II / La Pinta / Isabela II / Coral I & II / Galapagos Sea Star Journey / Camila / Treasure of Galapagos / EcoGalaxy / Galapagos Seaman Journey

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