Ushuaia, Antarctica Cruise Ship


Originally built for the U.S. government agency NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the polar vessel Ushuaia offers the perfect combination of technology and comfort for adventurers exploring the remote beauties of Antarctica. With its expert crew and seasoned team of naturalists and expedition leaders, the Ushuaia is an ideal base for forays into Earth’s last frontier.

The Ushuaia offers ample deck space and an open bridge policy to allow passengers to take in the polar landscapes around them. It also features a full set of Zodiac and RIB landing craft, for those wanting to get closer to Antarctica’s delicate and exotic wildlife. Add to all this the ship’s numerous amenities scattered over four decks, and its abundant educational programs on nature in the Antarctic, and the result is a floating platform for adventurers into one of the most extreme climates on Earth.


The Ushuaia’s 46 cabins come in standard single, superior single, twin, superior twin, and suite sizes. Some feature shared bathrooms, while others have private baths. All cabins feature comfortable berths, hair dryers, individual heating, and daily maid service. There is also ample storage space on every deck.

Common Areas

The Ushaia’s public spaces are comfortable and designed to reinforce a sense of community on board the ship. They include a large dining room serving local specialties, as well as a bar stocked with fine wines and spirits. When the time comes to learn about the geology and animals of Antarctica, passengers can do so in the observation lounge, where guides use up-to-date multimedia equipment to present lectures on the seventh continent, or they can peruse the well-stocked library, with its fascinating books on polar ecosystems. Finally, upon returning from their adventure, the gift shop stocks a variety of souvenirs, as well as sundry items for on-board use.

Ushuaia Photos

Ushuaia Cruises

Ushuaia Deck Plan

Ushuaia Deck Plan

Ship Info

TypeExpedition Cruise Ship
Length278 feet
Year Built1970
Beam51 feet
Draft18 feet
Cruising Speed12 Knots

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