Hondius, Antarctica Cruise Ship


As the first registered Polar Class 6 vessel on the planet, the Hondius meets the highest standards for ice-strengthened cruise ships in the International Maritime Organization’s Polar Code. This means that when you step aboard, you’ll be sailing with one of the most technologically advanced touring vessels in the polar regions, one that’s perfectly suited to exploratory voyages to Antarctica and beyond.

The Hondius is constructed for swift, safe ship-to-shore operations. The crew’s philosophy is to keep sea time short so that travelers can maximize their up-close experience of Antarctica’s stunning icescapes and wildlife. The ship comes equipped with a fleet of rigid-hull inflatable Zodiac boats that allow for rapid landing operations, as well as two separate gangways and a sheltered indoor Zodiac boarding area for kayaking and sightseeing.


The Hondius offers spacious accommodations for 170 travelers, who can choose from among a variety of cabins: grand suites with balconies, junior suites, superior suites, twin deluxe cabins, twin window cabins, and porthole cabins. Different configurations of beds and berths are available, and all rooms come fully appointed with sofas, private bathrooms with showers, wardrobes, cabinets, hair dryers, flatscreen TVs, and wi-fi.

Common Areas

The Hondius’s five passenger decks boast a range of common areas. Decorated in stylish, mid-century-modern furnishings, these areas include a large observation lounge and separate lecture room, reserved for a broad array of interactive workshops, exhibitions, and onboard performances. Travelers can also read in the extensive library, socialize in the cozy café, and enjoy international cuisine in the spacious dining area with hot and cold buffets.

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Hondius Deck Plan

Hondius Deck Plan

Ship Info

TypeExpedition Cruise Ship
Length353 feet
Year Built2019
Beam58 feet
Draft17 feet
Cruising Speed15 Knots

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