Greg Mortimer

Greg Mortimer, Antarctica Cruise Ship


Drawing on centuries of sailing experience to polar destinations, the Greg Mortimer puts the latest in cruising technology at the service of today’s traveler. Combining fuel-efficient design with advanced safety features and an array of viewing platforms, this is a vessel purpose-built for expeditions to Earth’s remotest places.

The Greg Mortimer is the first passenger ship to feature revolutionary X-BOW technology, allowing it to cut through polar seas comfortably and efficiently. It also boasts spacious observation decks, cozy communal areas, and up-to-date eco-friendly emissions systems, making it the perfect base camp for voyages at the outer limits of human exploration.


The Greg Mortimer is capable of accommodating 132 passengers in 76 comfortable cabins. All cabins boast ocean views, and nearly all have their own balcony, ensuring that travelers won’t miss a moment of the dramatic polar seascape. Configurations range from roomy double staterooms all the way up to captain’s suites, with closets, flat-screen TVs, individual climate control, mini-bars, and safe-deposit boxes standard in each. Bathrooms feature hot water and en suite design.

Common Areas

The Greg Mortimer’s common areas allow for ample socializing on board. They include a lecture lounge, multiple observation areas, a restaurant serving international cuisine, a gym and wellness center, and a full spa with Jacuzzis and a sauna. When you’re not exploring on shore, you can curl up with a travelogue in the well-stocked library, or share stories with fellow travelers in one of the sumptuous bar-lounges.

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Greg Mortimer Deck Plan

Greg Mortimer Deck Plan

Ship Info

TypeExpedition Cruise Ship
Length343 feet
Year Built2019
Beam60 feet
Draft17 feet
Cruising Speed10-12 knots (Avg.), 15 Knots (Max.)

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