Plancius, Antarctica Cruise Ship


Originally built as an oceanographic vessel for the Royal Dutch Navy, the M/V Plancius is the perfect base camp for wildlife aficionados bound for Antarctica. Its well-appointed interior and up-to-date technology allow passengers to these remote regions to travel in comfort and ease.

The ship carries a highly experienced crew of stewardesses, guides, and doctors to help passengers get the most from their Antarctic voyage. A fleet of Mark V inflatable Zodiacs allows adventurers to maximize their time on shore, while its special-activities programs offer kayaking, snowshoeing, ski-trekking, and other sports on selected excursions.


The Plancius offers twin, triple, quadruple, and superior cabins, with a variety of bunk- or double-bed combinations. What’s more, since all cabins have a minimum of two portholes facing outward, you’ll have abundant opportunities to observe wildlife from the privacy of your room. All cabins also come with private showers and toilets.

Common Areas

The Plancius’s on-board amenities cause it to feel like a floating hotel. They include an on-board restaurant serving a variety of international cuisine, as well as a spacious bar on the top deck with large windows for panoramic viewing. There’s also a library and lecture room for educational talks by the ship’s resident naturalists and guides. The deck areas are maximized to allow passengers to go topside during good weather conditions.

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Plancius Deck Plan

Plancius Deck Plan

Ship Info

TypeExpedition Cruise Ship
Length293 feet
Year Built1976, Refurbished 2009
Beam47 feet
Draft16 feet
Cruising Speed10-12 Knots

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