Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge

Located approximately one hour from Manaus on the Tarumã River, this picturesque lodge is your jumping-off point for the wilds of the Brazilian Amazon. With its 70 bungalows screened over by the rainforest’s thick canopy, it’s a portal to the exotic wildlife and natural marvels of one of Earth’s great biospheres.

When you visit the Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge, you’ll have the opportunity to play with dolphins and monkeys, go fishing in a dugout, meet members of the caboclo tribe, and witness the famous “meeting of the waters” where the Negro and Solimões Rivers come together. Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to do all this while enjoying the fresh jungle cuisine and private beaches of an eco-friendly complex. A nature reserve that offers countless opportunities for adventure—and wonder.


  • 70 cabins in 22 brick structures
  • Private entrance and balcony in all bungalows
  • Individual air-conditioning
  • Full bath with shower
  • Mini-bar
  • Decorations by local indigenous artists
  • Handicapped facilities available


  • Private shuttle to the lodge
  • Private pier
  • Private beach with pools of river water
  • Pavilion with hammocks and lounge chairs
  • Lounge and reception area with verandah
  • Restaurant with fresh jungle cuisine
  • Full bar
  • Games room
  • TV area
  • Breakfast buffet

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