Mount Kilimanjaro

At 19,341 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak. Known as ‘the roof of Africa,’ reaching its highest point at Uhuru Peak has become a rite of passage for many travelers to Tanzania.

Although treks are often labeled as ‘climbing Mount Kilimanjaro,’ you’ll need no rope skills beyond the ability to place the guy lines of a tent, although most Mount Kilimanjaro trekking tours ensure porters take care of this for you. Meanwhile, cooks will keep you topped up with warm and filling food without you having to lift a finger. It makes Mount Kilimanjaro hikes some of the world’s most-attainable non-technical big mountain challenges.

Expert guide-led walks on Kilimanjaro pass through an array of environments, all protected by Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. When visiting Mount Kilimanjaro at lower altitudes, it’s possible to catch sight of elephant. Beyond the tree line their closest-living relative, easy-to-love rock hyrax, hold sway amid the unusual flora of giant lobelia and ‘everlasting flowers’ (helichrysums) – the planet’s highest-altitude flowering plant.

Of all the routes for trekking Mount Kilimanjaro, the Whiskey (or Machame) Route is the most popular, as it’s the path with one of the highest success rates. Whether trekking Mount Kilimanjaro as part of a group or on a private basis, the route can be completed in five nights and six days. However, we’d recommend extending this by at least a day to make the hike more comfortable all round.

Other popular routes to Uhuru Peak include the Lemosho route, which approaches from the west rather than the southwest.

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