Serengeti National Park

To visit Serengeti National Park is to discover the Africa of the imagination – the Africa of The Lion King and Out of Africa. Here, lone acacia trees dot a landscape otherwise dominated by a carpet of golden grasses, providing sustenance for millions of herbivores.

One of the best places to go on safari in Africa, vacations in the Serengeti rarely disappoint. Not only is Serengeti National Park a vital stop on Tanzania’s northern safari circuit, but it’s a top Big Five safari destination too.

The fact the Serengeti protects Africa’s largest lion population, estimated at an incredible 3,000 animals, points to another major attraction in Tanzania’s second-largest national park – the annual Great Wildebeest Migration.

This phenomenal movement of up to two million wildebeest, zebra, impala, and eland really does celebrate the entire circle of life. With columns of animals stretching for around 25 miles at times, there’s also ample opportunity to encounter the park’s big cat populations, whichever one of the three regions of the park you opt for.

The Serengeti Plains probably need no introduction, being quintessential savannah grassland. The park’s Western Corridor is the place to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration from May through July, when the mass braying herds move towards the Grumeti River. Meanwhile, the Northern Serengeti is the most isolated part of the park. Together they form an area the size of a small country.

Accommodation in the Serengeti is equally varied, with everything from basic government run campsites to lodges boasting the latest in luxury. So why not enjoy a glass of champagne in a swimming pool as likely to be visited by elephants as it is human guests after a day of game drives?

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