Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park first came to the world’s attention with the work of primatologist Jane Goodall, who studied the behavior of it’s most famous residents – its 150 chimpanzees.

But as one of the best places to see primates anywhere in Africa, with higher concentrations than almost any other national park, chimps aren’t the only attraction of Gombe Stream National Park. No visit should be considered complete without also encountering the park’s olive baboons, red colobus, vervet monkeys, and Schmidt’s guenon (also known as the red-tailed monkey).

Situated on the hilly shores of Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania, Gombe Stream National Park consists of a series of steep valleys surrounded by tropical rainforest and savannah. The fact the park is only accessible by boat only adds to its allure and the sense of entering another world.

The park’s geography ensures that visiting Gombe Stream National Park is primarily an activity which takes place on foot. Hikes led by expert guides will bring you as close as possible to its primates in their own habitats. They also offer the chance to tick off some of the 200 bird species which reside here, and even on rare occasions see elusive leopards.

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