Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park spans an incredible 12,000 square miles, making it Africa’s largest. Twice the size of the Serengeti, it’s named after Tanzania’s first president, Julius Nyerere, and was cleaved from the even larger Selous Game Reserve in 2019.

Although it’s known to provide habitats for incredible densities of wildlife, visiting Nyerere National Park is still yet to make it mainstream. This means those who make the journey to Tanzania’s southeast will enjoy some of the best crowd-free safaris in Africa in which to experience the continent’s iconic species at their most natural.

Tourism to Nyerere National Park is largely confined to the northern half of the park, and in particular the zone around the Rufiji River. It’s here you’ll find the majority of places to stay in Nyerere, alongside an animal roster ranging from the Big Five and a rare population of Cape Wild Dogs, to an estimated 40,000 hippos and 440 endemic and migratory bird species.

Game drives and boat safaris provide a choice of ways to try and spot them, passing through landscapes switching from grassland savannah to native miombo woodland loved by big cats on the prowl. And through seasonal lakes frequented by elephants to year-round marshes providing the park’s bird species with plenty of nesting opportunities.

Arguably Tanzania’s most exclusive safari destination, now is the time to visit Nyerere National Park before word spreads!

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