Buenos Aires Things to Do

Inevitable Evita: On The Eva Peron Trail In Buenos Aires

Her story was known everywhere even before it was finished, and no wonder—since it sprang not from mere life, but from the timelessness of Latin American myth. The humble, illegitimate birth near Los Toldos, on a dusty ranch on the Argentine pampas.  The scandal at her father’s funeral, when her mother was briefly allowed to […]

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Experience The Gaucho Lifestyle At Estancia Santa Susana

A lone rider, silhouetted against the bleak expanse of the endless pampas. Night is falling; he works quickly to corral the last cattle inside the estancia’s huge pastures. No division exists between himself and the horse he sits. His only possessions he carries with him: mate gourd, saddle, poncho, ornate silver knife. In the failing […]

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Highlights Of My Buenos Aires Visit

Like all mega-metropolises, Buenos Aires, Argentina is home to neighborhoods as varied as their names indicate.  There’s Recoleta, Retiro, La Boca, and Puerto Madero.  There’s the microcenter, downtown, and Abasto.  Upon first arrival, I loved the cobblestone streets and graffiti artwork.  Each day, I would visit a new barrio and experience an incredibly different vibe.  After three weeks of […]

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