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About the same size as California, Zimbabwe has one of the easiest climates to prepare for anywhere in southern Africa. Although its landlocked location means it can’t take advantage of cooling oceanic air currents, the fact almost the entire country lies on a plateau with an altitude above 3,300 feet keeps temperatures lower than they would otherwise be – overnight frost isn’t unheard of in the capital, Harare, during the winter.

Chilly winter mornings aside, travelers to Zimbabwe should pack in expectation of a sub-tropical climate, divided into dry (May to November) and wet (December to April) seasons. Zimbabwe is coolest from mid-May to mid-August, when humidity begins to build.

The hottest part of the country is also the region boasting many of Zimbabwe’s most spectacular sights, the Zambezi Valley. It runs along the country’s northern frontier with Zambia. Here, within a few hours of each other, travelers to Zimbabwe are able to take in the might of Victoria Falls, safaris in Hwange and Mana Pools national parks, and amazing lodge experiences on the shores of Lake Kariba. Temperatures tend to be in the 70s or low 80s year-round.

On the opposite side of the country, on the border with South Africa, the Limpopo Valley has a drier heat, providing plenty of opportunities for those who struggle in humid conditions. This makes for pleasant weather for visits to the country’s second-city Bulawayo, exploring the medieval citadel of Great Zimbabwe, as well as rhino trekking within Matobo National Park. Sunshine can be expected most of the day (bring sunglasses and a hat), alongside temperatures from 58 (June/July) to 72 (October/November).

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