Laikipia Plateau

Often overlooked, the Laikipia Plateau is nonetheless one of Kenya’s best safari destinations. Stretching from the western foothills of Mount Kenya to the shores of Lake Baringo, the plateau comprises a series of wildlife conservancies (vast private reserves) known for their incredible work in protecting endangered species.

In fact, visitors to the Laikipia Plateau’s conservancies will discover more endangered species than anywhere else in the region, providing rare chances to catch sight of Cape wild dogs, Jackson’s hartebeest, and Grevy’s zebra. And all on land which during colonial times was reserved solely for cattle ranches.

The plateau’s geographic location, encompassing both the savanna grassland of Kenya’s south and the more arid landscapes of the country’s north, means that Laikipia has one of the longest species lists of any wildlife destination in Kenya. Safari favorites like elephant, lion, leopard, and cheetah, are present in strong populations, alongside harder to find species such as beisa oryx and reticulated giraffe.

The best-known conservancies include Ol Pejeta – the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, Lewa – home to 44 lions and 14% of Kenya’s current rhino population, Sabuk – who run camel treks into the most distant parts of the plateau, and Loisaba – the creator of ‘starbed’ luxury camping platforms.

In other words, whichever one of the Laikipia Plateau’s conservancies you opt for, you can be sure of an unforgettable safari experience in untouched nature and with faultless lodge stays. To visit Laikipia is to have an experience unobtainable anywhere else in Kenya’s impressive array of protected spaces.

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