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What is the Weather Like in Panama?

Panama’s weather is exactly what you’d expect from a tropical country: warm and humid year round, with wet and dry seasons. Translated, this means temperatures in the upper 70s to mid-80s, for the most part, and humidity levels near 80 percent. Smart travelers will want to pack clothing appropriate to the time of year. During the dry season, which extends from January to May, the midday sun can be blinding, so hats and sunscreen are a must, while from June to December, there are often downpours every single day. Come equipped with raincoats and umbrellas, or prepare to get soaked.

Of course, as in most countries, there are some regional variations to these patterns. Bocas del Toro, in particular, is out of phase with the climate further east. There the driest months are March, September, and October, with lots of rain in December and January—almost the exact reverse of the rest of Panama. The mountain valleys of Boquete and Cerro Punta, too, have their own micro-climate, with chilly nights and strong winds from December to February. Of course, it goes without saying that most foreigners will prefer to visit Panama during the dry season, when the beaches are at their peak and there are no sudden thunderstorms to ruin travel plans.

Panama Weather by Month

Average monthly temperatures (°F) and rainfall (inches) in Panama City is shown below.

Panama City

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 71 73 76 77 78 75 74 74 74 72 73 71
Low 53 54 56 58 61 60 60 61 60 59 57 55
Rain 0 0 0 1 2 3 3 2 4 2 0 0

Source: World Weather Online.

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