Buenos Aires

Visiting Buenos Aires: Ten Must-Do Experiences

La Paris del Sur, its denizens call it. The Paris of the South. And for a few brief moments, you might actually be taken in. Those wide central boulevards, for example: they certainly feel European, with their Art Deco apartment buildings and dusky ground-floor shops. Likewise those cafes, with their old men waving their endless […]

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Highlights Of My Buenos Aires Visit

Like all mega-metropolises, Buenos Aires, Argentina is home to neighborhoods as varied as their names indicate.  There’s Recoleta, Retiro, La Boca, and Puerto Madero.  There’s the microcenter, downtown, and Abasto.  Upon first arrival, I loved the cobblestone streets and graffiti artwork.  Each day, I would visit a new barrio and experience an incredibly different vibe.  After three weeks of […]

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