Atacama Desert

The Many Marvels Of Chile’s Atacama Desert

Oscar, the guide, has his watch ready.  He stares at it intently, then lifts his eyes to the crowd. “Twenty seconds.” The visitors are still bleary-eyed from the early hour (6:30 a.m., departure time 4:30), but the sun just now clearing the snow-dappled peaks is gradually dispelling the sleepiness.  One girl taps at a smoking […]

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Update On Chile’s Tourism Infrastructure

We just received this press release from Turismo Chile, the country’s travel promotion department on the status of the country’s tourism infrastructure.  The gist of it is that the Atacama Desert area, Easter Island, and Patagonia were unaffected by the recent earthquake.  In Santiago (Central Region), the airport suffered damage to the passenger terminal, but […]

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