Fish River Canyon

The second-most visited site in Namibia after Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon is a natural marvel with almost no parallel – only Arizona’s Grand Canyon is able to beat it on size.

Situated in Namibia’s far south, the canyon carves its way through the landscape for around 100 miles, delving up to 1600 feet down and stretching 17 miles at its maximum width.

To experience it all, a four-day hike follows the winding riverbed of the Fish River from the north to the hot springs of Ai-Ais at the canyon’s southern end. Despite its reputation as one of Africa’s hardest and wildest long-distance hikes, its limited annual access (from April to September) ensures spots fill up quickly.

For those keen to explore Fish River Canyon without breaking a sweat, viewpoints lie a short distance west of the town of Hobas. They offer spectacular vistas both north and south, especially at sunrise and sunset when the canyon walls turn a range of stunning colors.

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