A tour of Delphi is the closest most people will get to a journey to the center of the Earth, being just that to ancient Greeks. But the reason Delphi became the site of so many sanctuaries, the ruins of most of which can be explored today, is because of the still impressive Temple of Apollo. A modern-day UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was home to the most important oracle of ancient times.

A short distance from sandy beaches, evocative woodland, and even a ski resort on Mount Parnassus (come winter), Delphi sits on a hill with views of fertile olive groves and offers a wealth of unique experiences. History lovers need look no further than the archeological museum located right beside the ancient city, while those keen to stretch their legs will delight in completing even the shortest sections of the region’s hiking routes.

For a slice of every day Greek life, and perhaps some spanakopita (a Greek pie usually filled with spinach and feta cheese) too, look no further than tours including villages such as Chrissos for its fine neoclassical homes, Galaxidi to delve into the region’s historic naval prowess, or Itea for its all-round charm.

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