Manu Wildlife Center

Manu Wildlife Center, Manu, Peru


With its towers for observing the jungle’s canopy, 20 miles of forest trails, and floating catamarans on two ox-bow lakes, the Manu Wildlife Center isn’t just a lodge: it’s a total-immersion experience, designed to ensure that you see, hear, and smell the Peruvian Amazon to the fullest. Frequented by biologists and ethnologists as well as tourists, this remote spot in the Manu Biosphere Reserve is the perfect place to see endangered river otters, tapirs, black spider monkeys, and over 600 species of birds.

The Manu Wildlife Center is located just 60 minutes by motorized dugout canoe from the confluence of the Manu and Madre de Dios Rivers, and combines comfort with lavish natural beauty. On its grounds, you’ll encounter jungle walks, boat rides, and clay licks—places where parrots and macaws congregate to supplement their diets—and because the owning family works closely with Peruvian conservation groups, you’ll know your visit is part of a sustainable enterprise to preserve this precious natural resource. Experience nature’s teeming abundance in this pristine natural habitat.


  • Complex of 22 double bungalows
  • All cabins made of bamboo, palm fronds, and other native materials
  • Cotton sheets and quilts and individual mosquito nets on all beds
  • All rooms with private bathroom and shower
  • Hot and cold water 24 hours a day
  • All bungalows have windows facing the garden


  • Amazonian garden with native trees and shrubs
  • Restaurant featuring wholesome local cuisine
  • Spacious bar and lounge
  • Wi-fi available some hours each day
  • Bird and mammal clay licks in the complex
  • Two canopy platforms for seeing the jungle from above
  • Two ox-bow lakes with docks and viewing platforms
  • 20 miles of rainforest trails


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