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  • Queen Cabin

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  • Observation Deck

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Type: Motor Catamaran

Length: 108 ft.

Passengers: 24

The Discovery offers a truly intimate way to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of Panama. With space for just 24 passengers, this 110-foot catamaran allows you to be part of a select group of explorers, learning and socializing together as you traverse Panama’s canal and penetrate its mysterious jungles.

Built in 2004, and sporting a crew of 11, the Discovery is specially constructed to pass through all the major zones of Panama: the canal, the islands off the coast, and the Darien jungle. Whether you spend your time venturing into the country’s interior with the ship’s kayaks, or relaxing on board with a cold drink, you’ll feel close to a community of adventurers sharing a privileged glimpse of this Central American jewel.


The Discovery offers passengers their choice of eight queen and four twin cabins. In each, you’ll find individual climate control, private bathrooms, and massive picture windows that allow the colors of Panama to flood your living area. Add to all this the comfy bedding and plentiful hot water, and you find the Discovery is like a second, floating home.

Common Areas

On the Discovery’s three decks, you’ll find a broad range of amenities, starting with the gourmet dining room, which serves a scrumptious version of Panamanian haute cuisine. There are also a bar and lounge, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows to illuminate the entire middle deck, for a visual experience that’s as overwhelming as the food.

Elsewhere on the Discovery, you’ll find other luxuries. The top deck has a sun patio and barbecue area, while at the stern is a platform to lower kayakers into the water for on-shore expeditions. A coffee and wine bar and library round out the picture.

Deck Plan and Technical Specifications


Discovery Deck Plan

Port of Embarkation Panama City, Panama
Type of Vessel Motor Catamaran
Length 108 Feet / 33 Meters
Beam 32 Feet / 9.75 Meters
Draft 6 Feet / 1.85 Meters
Cruising Speed 15 Knots / 18 Knots Maximum
Crew 11
Range 850 Nautical miles
Fresh Water Storage Capacity 6,000 liters

Tours Featuring the Discovery


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