Fram, Antarctica Cruise Ship


“Fram” is Norwegian for “forward,” and everything on this polar vessel gives the impression of advancement—from the decks at the ship’s furthermost bow to the ahead-of-its-time technology found throughout. This means that when you travel on board, you’ll have a chance to get up close with the wildlife and landscapes of Antarctica, one of Earth’s most far-flung locations.

The Fram takes its name from a sailing ship that explored the polar regions in the late 19th century, partaking of the same adventurous spirit as that heroic predecessor. With its ultra-modern equipment and expert crew, it allows modern passengers to follow in the footsteps of those heroic pioneers—though without the hardships of that earlier time. Luxury cabins, fine dining, daily expeditions to the Antarctic coast: it’s all part of the experience aboard this stunning contemporary vessel.


The cabins on the Fram are divided into a range of standard rooms and suites, all named after famous Norwegian explorers. Decorated with specially commissioned artworks, these cabins feature TV, individual climate control, and full baths with shower. You’ll also find bathrobes and slippers in many units, as well as beds that serve as sofas by day. Some standard cabins have upper and lower berths, while many suites come with mini-bars and private balconies.

Common Areas

The Fram’s public spaces are where the its design really stands out, starting with the observation lounge at the top of the ship. Here, panoramic windows and built-in binoculars allow you to take in 360-degree views of the Antarctic landscape. This sweep of observation is also available in the gourmet restaurant, where a balcony permits you to indulge in wildlife watching even as you eat.

The Fram also sports a full gym, as well as a sauna and outdoor Jacuzzis, enabling you to stay warm while watching the icebergs slide by. And on its lower deck, its full range of expedition equipment means passengers can go ashore and meet the animals that populate this extreme climate.

Come travel aboard the new Fram: it’s your entry into a long tradition of adventure.

Fram Photos

Fram Cruise

Fram Deck Plan

Fram Deck Plan

Ship Info

Type Expedition Cruise Ship
Length 417 feet
Passengers 254
Year Built 2007
Beam 66 feet
Cruising Speed 13 Knots

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