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Type: River Cruise Ship

Length: 270 ft.

Passengers: 150

In the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, near the city of Manaus, lies one of the rainforest’s most magical places: the so-called meeting of the waters of the Solimões and Negro Rivers. It’s at this enchanted spot that the Iberostar Grand Amazon makes its departure, sailing downriver in a five-star luxury cruise that provides a totally unprecedented kind of adventure.

The Iberostar is a floating oceanliner hotel, with all the amenities of the most exquisite lodgings back on shore. On it, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable sunrise breakfast while looking out at the meeting of the waters, and then head out in canoes to experience alligator-watching, piranha-fishing, and other marvels that reflect the teeming ecosystem around you. You’ll also witness local music and folk-dancing, as well as centuries-old traditions in the villages along the riverbank. It’s all part of a total-immersion experience in the most bio-diverse region on Earth.


The Iberostar offers a total of 73 cabins on three decks, plus two Royal Suites on the ship’s prow. Each one features a private balcony, one single or two double beds, individual air-conditioning, panoramic views of the river, TV, a stereo for listening to music, a full bathroom with hair dryer, and a digital safe.

To round out the luxury-hotel experience, the ship’s attentive staff also offers room service 24 hours a day, while the Royal Suites feature king-sized beds, a full tub, and a fully stocked mini-bar.

Common Areas

The Iberostar’s common areas are as splendid as its cabins. That splendor starts with the ship’s two restaurants, which serve Amazonian delicacies made with exotic fruits, spices, and seafood, as well as a full menu of international specialties. There’s also a daily breakfast buffet, and two bars that stock a full range of local wines and liquors.

The Iberostar’s five decks house other entertainment options. From the meeting rooms and library, which host conferences on jungle flora and fauna, to the on-board disco, the ship is alive with activity at all hours of the day. There are also two pools with a Jacuzzi, a full gym, and dance classes featuring talented local instructors. And when you’re looking for keepsakes of your Amazon adventure, the ship’s boutiques feature a host of artisanal jewelry and art that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Deck Plan and Technical Specifications


Iberostar Grand Amazon Deck Plan

Port of Embarkation Manaus, Brazil
Type of Vessel River Cruise Ship
Length 270 Feet / 82.3 Meters
Beam 50 Feet / 15.2 Meters
Draft 5.6 Feet / 1.7 Meters
Speed 12 Knots
Tonnage 2,200 tons
Electricity 110 volts
Supply Boats 6

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